How Did Muhammad Die?

Our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the Last and Favorite Messenger of Allah the Almighty. The process of Khatm E Nabuwat ends on Him. There will be no more Prophet come till the Day of Judgment.

We are the Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and we must follow Him. Allah the Almighty has sent down the 1,24,000 prophets and messengers. The purpose of these holiest personalities is to guide the humankind to choose the right path of Allah the Almighty. The purpose of Hazrat Muhammad was the same as other prophets.

We know that the first prophet of Allah was Hazrat Adam (A.S) and father of the human race. Allah had given a penalty to leave the Jannah and sent down him and his wife (Eve) to the planet earth because He (A.S) broke the rule of Allah. Satan was the cause of this penalty. After that, the concept of humanity started. Indeed, Allah is the Great and Merciful.

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Early History of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

According to the Gregorian calendar, He (S.A.W) was born in Makkah in 571 A.D. According to the Islamic Hijri Calendar, He was born in the month of Rabi ul Awwal (Date: 12th). He belonged to a very famous and reputed tribe of Makkah. The name of the tribe was Al Quraish. Hazrat Abdullah was the father and Hazrat Amna was the mother of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). His father had died before His birth. After the death of His mother, His grandfather raised Him up. After the death of His grandfather, His uncle Abu Talib raised Him up.

Before the prophethood, He was very famous in the Makkah due to His honesty and uprightness. When Hazrat Khadija (R.A) heard about Him and His honesty, she sent the proposal of marriage. She was the very richest woman at that time, but she was a widow. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) accepted her proposal and married to her. He was just 25 years old and she was 40 years when they tied a knot with each other.

Life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) After Revelation

After getting married to Hazrat Khadija (R.A), Hazrat Jibril (A.S) brought the Holy Message from Allah the Almighty. He received the revelation in the Cave of Hira through respected Angel Hazrat Jibril (A.S). Then, He started the preaching of religion Islam. He faced many challenges in His life just for the sake of Allah the Almighty. After many years of struggle, He won the hearts of Arab people and spread the religion Islam all over the world.

Death of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)

A Jewish woman had given the poison to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) to check His prophethood and Allah would save Him or not. He took the bait and finally passed away from the venom. Allah the Almighty All-Knowing!

The Ritual’s arrangement during the Umrah

In fact, Umrah is non-obligatory pilgrimage (Ibadah) but it has incredible meaning in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins.

However, Muslims should perform it if they are financially and bodily fit as the Prophet of God said, if the person is capable in all aspect he/she must visit the Kaaba once in life.

However, it can be accomplished in every time of the year, so it is a great blessing and big opportunity from Allah (SWT) for redemption.

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Plenty of pilgrims make their plans in the month of Ramadan to perform Umrah as they realize the blessings of this sacred month because Allah (SWT) showers His blessings upon the earth throughout the Ramadan.

Also, the Holy Quran was happening to reveal in this blessed month, therefore Allah (SWT) immense likes Ramadan.

As Ramadan starts, so meanwhile all the bad spirits are arrested and put into the cells in the month, thus there are very fewer chances to astray the man into wrong ways by them.

Moreover, pilgrims are in the sympathetic condition in the month of Ramadan, so Allah (SWT) surely accepts their pray and regards with huge reward even equal to Hajj.

So, if you want to get the Hajj’s equal reward, then Ramadan Umrah Packages will increase your virtues.
Because after recalling the tests, pilgrims feel the real motive of life and make the strong promise (Taubah) not to do gain any sin either minor or major.

That’s why it is said that when someone performs the Umrah flawless he/she takes the new birth. As Allah’s Apostle said that Umrah is the atonement of all previous sins.

However, Umrah must be in pure Niyyah for salvation but not for showoff because several people waste the reward of Umrah because of realizing their prominence in the front of others.

Allah (SWT) rains of blessing on that person who earns virtues in extremely hidden ways.

  • In the very first you should wear the Ihram as you enter the holy sanctuary of Mecca.
  • You should do Niyyah of Umrah.
  •  You must kiss the black stone or touch or pointing if there is a huge crowd.
  •  Make circumambulations (Tawaf) as anti-clockwise around the Kaaba.
  • Prayers are not allowed during the Tawaf.
  •  You must make a semi-circle around the Kaaba section
  •  Cover your right shoulder till the end.
  •  Two short prayers are compulsory after the completion of Tawaf at Maqam e Ibrahim.
  • Make the seven circles at Safa & Marwa
  • After Sa’y head shaving is compulsory for men and for a woman, they should cut hair one or two centimeters.

For Women:

  •  For women, Ihram is not required as a whole but should cover properly.
  • During the menstrual cycles, women are not allowed to perform Umrah.
  • Al-Idhtebaa and Al-Raml are not enforced for a woman pilgrims.
  •  Talbeeyah-said in a low voice
  • Makeup is not strictly prohibited
  • The women should not veil her face.

When Can You Go to Umrah?

Umrah is truly a blessed journey towards Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The Muslim Ummah visit the House of Allah every year with a great spirit to gain all-out blessings from Allah the Almighty.

The Holy Kaaba is located within the Masjid e Haram, Makkah. According to Islamic Sharia, there is no specific time to complete your religious obligation Umrah. It means you can perform Umrah at any time whenever you find a feasible time and enough resources.

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What is Umrah?

Umrah is the spiritual pilgrimage to the holiest city of Mecca and only allowed for the Muslim brothers and sisters. Umrah requires mental stability, physical fitness, and financially strongness.

If you fulfill these three conditions then it is most-recommended to perform Umrah whenever you find the right time. The Umrah is consisting of 4 obligatory rituals such as,

  •  Wearing Ihram Dress (Before Miqat)
  • Tawaf e Kaaba (complete all 7 rounds)
  • Performing Say’ee between the mounts of Safa and Marwah (complete all 7 rounds)
  • Shave your head hairs (different condition for male and female pilgrims

The significance of Umrah is worthwhile and considers as the lesser pilgrimage to Makkah. The reward of Umrah is less than Hajj worship, still, people perform it in the sacred month of Ramadan.

The reason behind Ramadan Umrah is that they get the double reward because performing Umrah in the Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj worship. It means the reward will definitely be higher and greater.

This shows the various hadiths and qur’anic verses. Just keen-sighting at the Holy Kaaba with a pure Niyaah also considers the great Ibdah and Allah gives the reward as well.

When can Muslims Perform Umrah?

This is a most-asked question among the Muslim community ‘when can you go to Umrah?’ As I mentioned above there is no specific time for Umrah worship according to Islamic rules and regulations.

But the Hajj and Umrah Saudi Ministry has planned some rules for Umrah pilgrims such as after the month of Ramadan to the end of Muharram, Muslims can’t get an Umrah visa.

At that time, they are busy for the arrangement of Hajj worship and only Hajj pilgrims can get the visa of Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

This condition is only for the Muslims who are not living in KSA. Yea, if you are living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can perform Umrah after Ramadan or at any time.

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Which is the best way to spend Holidays for UK Muslims

Islam is the best religion in the world. Due to a survey, it has been founded that the Islam is the most practiced religion in the world.

Muslims are in every country Muslim or Non-Muslim country. It is a hurdle for the Muslims to spend their holidays in Islamic way in the Non-Islamic countries. For the UK Muslims today, I came with the best advice that which is the best way to spend holidays for UK Muslims.

There are three-time holidays in the UK are as follow,


• Christmas Holidays or December Holidays.
• Ester Holidays.
• Spring Holidays.

These are the holidays in the UK and people celebrate them in different ways according to their culture and tradition, so the Muslims there also wanted to spend them according to their tradition and cultures. So here are the best ways to spend Holidays for UK Muslims.

Go to the Islamic Events:

It is the better way to spend the Holidays is to go to the Islamic Events. Many Islamic Lectures and events are planned during the holidays. And take your families along you in such way it will be a get-together and going to them make you close to Islam.

Going to the Mosques:

There are many big and grand mosques in the UK. And the kids always like to go to the mosque and see them and offer Namaz there. It is the best way to get together and a roundtrip.


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Islam and Modesty

Modesty is the one of the core values that Islam has been promoting. Modesty as a facet of human behavior is a sense of shame or shyness. Modesty is essential in the affairs and relationship of the Creator and creatures. Modesty was encouraged and endorsed by All Messengers of Islam.

The last Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, once told:
“Certainly, from the wisdoms of the first prophets which has reached you is, ‘If you do not have shyness, then do as you please.” (Al-Bukhari)

Modesty is the quality of human behavior and manners. As a wisdom of introversion, it prevents soul from filthy conduct, bad behavior towards others. Humility is the fundamental and integral part of moral system. Islam teaches to implement modesty in all routine actions.

Speech, uniform, conduct, public dealings and interaction with the Creator in solitude must be coupled with Shyness. Therefore, the Prophet of Mercy called modesty a part of Faith and Belief. Islam and modesty concept, we can seek out in the past history of Islam and discover it with Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019.

Unpretentiousness or humility plays a decisive and key role in the personal development of person. It teaches the person how to speech in the public.

During speech in antagonism, one must take reservation and communicate with modest way. In Islam raising voice and shouting is prohibited and damageable to person’s own worth. Untamed fury and wild behavior will lead person to physical and verbal cruelty.

In front of Allah and His living beings, strong and modest person feels shy as he knows Allah see him every time. He also senses introverted when he commits sins, crime and disobey His Lord in private and public. Such type of modesty is directly linked and proportional with the faith.

With developing faith modesty also becomes strong. There are two forms of modesty in Islam. One is natural and other is acquired. Covering of one’s private parts is natural modesty. Quran has also spoken about natural modesty.

According to the Quran, after eating the fruit of the prohibited tree, Adam and Eve realized that their private organs were exposed and so they started to cover themselves with leaves of Paradise.

Reticence is a quality that distinguishes human beings from animals. Animals accomplish their instincts without feeling any embarrassment or a sense of right or wrong.

Therefore, Islam has instructed certain regulations which encourage this sense of modesty within humans. Seeking consent before entering any room and distancing one from others while relieving oneself, to delegating certain manners of dress for men and women alike. By associating with modest persons, modesty can be attained.

As the Prophet said:

“I recommend you to be shy toward God, the Exalted, in the same way that you are shy toward a pious man from your people.”

Added to that, Modesty is compulsory for ensuring the moralities and ethics in any society. Modesty advocates the doctrine that God knows everything and aware of our hidden and public actions. God only desires what is best for us.

So, to pursue what is the finest for us is to submit to what He has in attention for us. The only way to correctly know what that is, is to believe in what he sent down to us through His Prophet, Muhammad, and to hold the religion (Islam) that His Messenger conveyed us. Just book your cheap and luxury umrah in UK consultants 2019 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation and gain the all-out rewards by Allah.

How Many Mandatory Rituals Does Ramadan Umrah Have?

Umrah is a journey which Muslims see to purges one’s central core from all the past submitted sins. Performing Umrah is considered as extraordinary compared to other deeds as it is a method for satisfying Allah.

Muslims are encouraged to offer Umrah thru Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 unique since it goes about like a washing of sins and which likewise contains abundant temperance. Performing Umrah spares from neediness too and increments in riches and in addition wellbeing. There are 5 primary privileges of Umrah which are as per the following:

• Ihram

There is a misinterpretation identified with the strict importance of Ihram for the most part individuals think it is somewhat dressing, people are obliged to wear. Yet, initially, Ihram resembles entering a sacrosanct state in which certain admissible things end up prohibited on the two people for a specific period.

• Tawaf e Kaaba

Circumambulation of holy Kaaba is known as Tawaf. It is the second compulsory phase of Umrah and the guests of Allah will undoubtedly take seven adjusts a counterclockwise way of Kaaba in Holy Haram.

• Prayer of Tawaf

Carrying out two rak’ats of salah behind Maqam e Ibrahim is required on Muslims and these rak’ats are offered directly in the wake of finishing the circumambulation of Kaaba.

• Say’ee

Say’ee resembles strolling or running between the hills of Safa and Marwa multiple times in the wake of finishing the supplication of Tawaf. Say’ee is an approach to draw near to Allah despite the fact that it isn’t mandatory however prescribed to ascend the mountains of Safa and Marwa. There are a couple of things which make Say’ee invalid, such as making in excess of 7 adjusts and gathering or taking stones from Safa and Marwa.

• Taqsir

The fifth and last mandatory custom of Umrah is Taqsir, which implies removing the hair of the head relatively equivalent to one joint of the finger and trimming nails. In the event that the hair of the head is shorter than one joint of the finger than men are required to shave their heads.

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Important Issue of Praying on Graves in Islam

No doubt that the rank of those Holy saints can’t be compared to the common man but that does not mean that one start worshiping their graves and keep asking them to fulfill their needs.

All needs of a man can only be fulfilled by Allah Almighty and these acts of worshiping the graves is the greatest sin of all which is considered as Shirk.

There is a famous graveyard in Saudi Arabia known as Jannatul Baqi. This graveyard holds a lot of significance in the history of Islam and it is located in the Holy city Madinah.

Around ten thousand fellow companions of Prophet (PBUH) are buried in this cemetery including some other famous honorable and pious men as well.

When people are travelling to Saudi Arabia either for tourism or for doing Umrah and Hajj by availing Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 from Birmingham, they must visit the important places in the Holy city Makkah and Madinah.

When people visit Jannatul Baqi they start losing the control of their emotions by seeing the graves of all Holy companions and family members of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Some people start making wishes on the graves and this act is discouraged in Islam. All the things which displease Allah should be avoided at any case.

On the other hand, when people visit the shrines of sacred people, they make wishes and start bowing down on the floor.

One should know the concept of Shirk in Islam and should clearly be aware of the punishments so that he avoids any such extreme acts which can lead to severe punishments by Allah in this world and in the life hereafter.

sssss praises are to Allah and all the needs are fulfilled by Him alone so we must always ask for everything from Him.

He Almighty will surely listen to our prayers if you visit His House thru cheapest umrah in UK consultants 2019 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation and will grant us only those things which are for our own benefit so we must have faith in Allah in all situations of life.