Islam and Modesty

Modesty is the one of the core values that Islam has been promoting. Modesty as a facet of human behavior is a sense of shame or shyness. Modesty is essential in the affairs and relationship of the Creator and creatures. Modesty was encouraged and endorsed by All Messengers of Islam.

The last Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, once told:
“Certainly, from the wisdoms of the first prophets which has reached you is, ‘If you do not have shyness, then do as you please.” (Al-Bukhari)

Modesty is the quality of human behavior and manners. As a wisdom of introversion, it prevents soul from filthy conduct, bad behavior towards others. Humility is the fundamental and integral part of moral system. Islam teaches to implement modesty in all routine actions.

Speech, uniform, conduct, public dealings and interaction with the Creator in solitude must be coupled with Shyness. Therefore, the Prophet of Mercy called modesty a part of Faith and Belief. Islam and modesty concept, we can seek out in the past history of Islam and discover it with Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019.

Unpretentiousness or humility plays a decisive and key role in the personal development of person. It teaches the person how to speech in the public.

During speech in antagonism, one must take reservation and communicate with modest way. In Islam raising voice and shouting is prohibited and damageable to person’s own worth. Untamed fury and wild behavior will lead person to physical and verbal cruelty.

In front of Allah and His living beings, strong and modest person feels shy as he knows Allah see him every time. He also senses introverted when he commits sins, crime and disobey His Lord in private and public. Such type of modesty is directly linked and proportional with the faith.

With developing faith modesty also becomes strong. There are two forms of modesty in Islam. One is natural and other is acquired. Covering of one’s private parts is natural modesty. Quran has also spoken about natural modesty.

According to the Quran, after eating the fruit of the prohibited tree, Adam and Eve realized that their private organs were exposed and so they started to cover themselves with leaves of Paradise.

Reticence is a quality that distinguishes human beings from animals. Animals accomplish their instincts without feeling any embarrassment or a sense of right or wrong.

Therefore, Islam has instructed certain regulations which encourage this sense of modesty within humans. Seeking consent before entering any room and distancing one from others while relieving oneself, to delegating certain manners of dress for men and women alike. By associating with modest persons, modesty can be attained.

As the Prophet said:

“I recommend you to be shy toward God, the Exalted, in the same way that you are shy toward a pious man from your people.”

Added to that, Modesty is compulsory for ensuring the moralities and ethics in any society. Modesty advocates the doctrine that God knows everything and aware of our hidden and public actions. God only desires what is best for us.

So, to pursue what is the finest for us is to submit to what He has in attention for us. The only way to correctly know what that is, is to believe in what he sent down to us through His Prophet, Muhammad, and to hold the religion (Islam) that His Messenger conveyed us. Just book your cheap and luxury umrah in UK consultants 2019 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation and gain the all-out rewards by Allah.

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