How to Treat Others in Islam

how to treat others in islam

Islam has provided the best guidance to Muslims in every single matter of life. There is not a single issue whose solution is not in either the Quran or in Hadith. Parents hold such great importance that it has been often seen that people perform Haj-e-Badal from the side of their parents by availing the amazing packages like Luxury Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 for Muslims in London. This Haj-e-Badal is either done in the lifetime of their parents if they are sold and feeble and not in a healthy and stable state to perform Umrah or Hajj.

It can also be performed when the parents have died and have given any will that the children should perform Hajj after their death. It has been mentioned in Quran that we should do good to parents and if anyone of them reaches an old age don’t say a bad thing to them as they helped you in growing up when you were a child.

When it comes to the treatment towards your relatives, they should also be treated in a right manner because Allah has always told Muslims to maintain their good behavior which every single individual, despite what socioeconomic status they belong to or whatever cast they hold. It has been stated in the Quran that does well with your close relatives (4:36). Also, the treatment and behavior towards children are given importance in Islam and it has been mentioned in the Quran that we should not kill our children out of the fear of the shortage of money. Surely Allah provides every single one of them (17:31).
On the other hand, our behavior towards orphans is also significant in Islam. The Dua made by orphans reaches the sky directly hence we should never say anything harsh to them which may hurt them and they may unintentionally say something in their Dua which can act in reality. The Muslims show the unity and brotherhood during Hajj and Umrah worships which they perform thru cheapest Umrah Packages 2019.

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treat others in islam

One should be afraid of hurting these poor orphans either physically or mentally at any cost. Then comes the categories of those people who live right next to you i.e. your neighbors. The rights of neighbors are given such high importance in Islam that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said that I have been told so many rights of neighbors that I’m afraid one day I will have to declare the rights of neighbors in your property as well. This shows the importance of the rights of neighbors in Islam.


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