Saudi Arab Has Donated $100 Million to Ivanka Trump

Saudi Arab Has Donated $100 Million to Ivanka Trump

Recently Ivanka Trump has visited Saudi Arab along with Donald Trump and Melania Trump. There, she addressed the audience of Saudi Arab and praised their work which they are doing for the rights of women living in Saudi Arab. There is a World Bank’s global project which is working for the empowerment of women. It has asked for the donation and Saudi Arab has donated $100 million dollar to that project which is working day and night of the rights of women. Ivanka Trump said that this donation was quite encouraging but still there is a lot of work which is needed to be done by the government of Saudi Arab. Ivanka Trump stated that women have to face hurdles in each part of the world due to many factors like cultural boundaries and institutional issues.

Ivanka Trump stated that the meaning of women’s progress is that the women are allowed to give their vote to whoever they want. Women have been playing an important role in uniting the nations through various aspects and it is only possible when they are given a chance to exceed the boundaries which stop them from making any progress. When the issue of women’s equality was about to be discussed including the right to drive the car, go anywhere alone or lead a public life, the journalists were told to leave the room so that they could not give full coverage to that important issue.

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