Amazing Facts about Jinn


Amazing Facts about Jinn

Jinns have been mentioned in the Quran several times. According to the Ayaat of Quran, man is made from clay and water but the Jinns are made from fire. All these Ayaat cannot be denied in any case, not because Muslims blindly follow it, but because they have been scientifically proven by facts as well. According to the famous translator of Quran Yousaf Ali, Quran says in note 929 that Jinn is simply a spirit or a secret force which can’t be seen. In the renowned book Arabian Nights, it has been mentioned that Jinns can take different forms and can come in front of us in these different forms in such a way that we might not be able to recognize them.

Also, it has been mentioned in Quran that Jinns are created from smoke. These Jinns live in their own secret hidden world and don’t usually interact with humans unless their territory has been disturbed by these humans. Just like humans have good and bad individuals among them, same is the case with Jinns as well. There are both good and bad type of Jinns. Some Jinns are so pious that they help human beings in the best way possible. On the other hand, some Jinns irritate human beings and give them harm as well.

One of my friend told me an incident of her encounter with a Jinn. Once she went to a place near her grandmother’s house which was kind of abandoned. Nobody was present there. Then suddenly she saw a kind of white spirit who was in the state of Sajda i.e. bowing down in Namaz. She thought that maybe a person is praying Namaz. She went near to that old person who looked very pious to her. That old man politely talked to my friend. Then he asked her what her utmost desire is. She told that old man that she had always been dreaming to perform Hajj at least once in her life. That old man smiled and said that you will perform it soon. Later, when my friend came home her grandmother warned her to not go to that place again because people see mysterious things going on at that place. After a few days, my friend got a surprise from her father that he had booked the amazing Non Shifting Hajj Package with tickets 2017 for the whole family and they are finally travelling to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. This whole incident was quite shocking for her because her father never said anything about performing Hajj to their family and this sudden change was quite surprising. She instantly thought about that old man who asked her wish and that made her belief in the Jinns stronger.

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