Benefits to Book 5-Star Umrah Packages

There are also 3-star and 4-star Umrah packages available in the UK but 5-star Umrah packages are intended for those voyagers who hope to flawlessly complete their spiritual trip. Pilgrims also able to utilize the best of the facilities and lodging accessible.

Agents at a procession to understand the heartbeat of the customers and hope that, they fulfill the customers need and choice. Muslims can perform the Hajj in the month of Zill Hajj which is the 12th month of holy Islamic calendar. But Umrah can perform any time over the year.

You can take the help of “Umrah Package uk services” for the best Ramadan Umrah packages in the UK and now book the “Umrah Packages in December London the United Kingdom” travel to holy cities for performing the Umrah.

Best Hotels in 5-star Package

• Pullman Zamzam Grand Suites in Makkah

• Dar AL Hijra Intercontinental in Madinah

• Millennium AL Aqeeq in Madinah

Cost Includes 

• Hotel Rooms

• Breakfast

• Transport

• Visa of Umrah

But don’t forget, you should have to be bought the air tickets separately. If the inaccessibility of room or hotel, agents confirm you get the best alternative and you like the package, you should book it early because agents provide it on the basis of first-come first serve. But you can also apply for a customized package for you.

Tips to Get the 5-star

The associated some references are between those who must know before beginning this best tour.

Tolerance is your closest companion

You must be tenacious and tolerant, mainly when things do not go as you want them because there is a large number of Pilgrims that have to come to perform Umrah.

Visit Early

If you want to get the 5-star package then you should contact with agents early because millions of Muslims apply for Hajj and for these packages.

Choose Professional

If you choose the professional, then there is a chance to get the cheap Umrah Package because he has an idea to deal the customer according to his financial status.

So, you see the benefits and tips for 5-star for your spiritual journey. May Allah help you to perform Umrah and Hajj soon.


An Iftar Party was given to King of Jordon by King Salman

An Iftar Party was given to King of Jordon by King Salman

These days it is a trend that Muslims give each other Iftar parties to create strong connections with each other. These Iftar parties have become a latest trend for creating strong and positive relations with each other for a longer period of time. According to news sources, The King of Saudi Arabia King Salman has given a lavish Iftar party to the King of Jordon in the famous Al-Salam Palace which is located in Jeddah. In accordance with Saudi Press Agency, this Iftar Party took place on Tuesday night. This Iftar party was given to welcome King Abdullah and the people who were giving him company. Everything was extravagant and a huge amount of money was spent on it.

These Iftar parties are undoubtedly a great way to initiate a healthy and prosperous relation with someone. Whenever a person wants to show someone how important he is in his life, he invites him I the Iftar party to raise the dignity and self-esteem of that person and to establish a healthy relationship. This invitation to King of Jordon by King of Saudi Arabia is said to bring a great change in the relation of both countries.

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Saudi Arab Has Donated $100 Million to Ivanka Trump

Saudi Arab Has Donated $100 Million to Ivanka Trump

Recently Ivanka Trump has visited Saudi Arab along with Donald Trump and Melania Trump. There, she addressed the audience of Saudi Arab and praised their work which they are doing for the rights of women living in Saudi Arab. There is a World Bank’s global project which is working for the empowerment of women. It has asked for the donation and Saudi Arab has donated $100 million dollar to that project which is working day and night of the rights of women. Ivanka Trump said that this donation was quite encouraging but still there is a lot of work which is needed to be done by the government of Saudi Arab. Ivanka Trump stated that women have to face hurdles in each part of the world due to many factors like cultural boundaries and institutional issues.

Ivanka Trump stated that the meaning of women’s progress is that the women are allowed to give their vote to whoever they want. Women have been playing an important role in uniting the nations through various aspects and it is only possible when they are given a chance to exceed the boundaries which stop them from making any progress. When the issue of women’s equality was about to be discussed including the right to drive the car, go anywhere alone or lead a public life, the journalists were told to leave the room so that they could not give full coverage to that important issue.

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Seven Important Acts in Islam

Seven Important Acts in Islam

Acts of kindness never go wasted. When a person does anything good, he not only gets reward in this world but also gets it in the world hereafter. There are some prominent acts which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has advised us to do. The first act is to visit the sick people who are suffering from any kind of illness. This creates a strong bond of love and affection among two people and also shows that the person is not only meeting you in good times but is also standing by your side in the bad times of your life. It is one of the most lovable acts and highly appreciated by Allah Almighty that you visit your sick and ill brother in his time of need. Just like you fulfill the rights of Allah by performing the obligation of Hajj with hajj tour packages for 2017 you should also fulfill the rights of the person.

When a fellow Muslim brother passes away, we should attend his funeral as it is a great deed and Allah has highly appreciated it. When you attend the funeral of someone, then people will attend your funeral as death is the utmost reality of this world. It is said that Allah may forgive you if you have not fulfilled His rights like you perform Umrah through umrah tour packages for 2017 but He Almighty does not forgive when you neglect the rights of a person. When a person sneezes and says Alhamdulillah, then you should say Yarhamuk-Allah in respond.

If a person has taken any oath and now he is not financially stable enough to fulfill that oath then it would be great if you help your brother in fulfilling that oath. Greet your fellow brothers by saying Assalm-o-Alaikum and if your brother is saying that then respond him by saying Walaikum Salam. This is an amazing way of meeting someone to greet him in this Islamic way. When you are given an invitation by someone then the polite way is to accept that invitation and should go and attend that gathering. If that gathering is showcasing any un-Islamic thing then you should avoid it in very polite way so that the other person does not feel bad and you are also able to refrain from that bad thing. These little acts give huge respond and an effective reward to the person in this world and in the life hereafter.

Why should we love the Prophets?

Why should we love the Prophets

Allah Almighty has sent the more than hundred thousand messengers for the welfare and the wellbeing of the human personality. They are the most noble personalities on the phase of the earth. They are the people who lived their life just according they are commanded by Allah Almighty who most beneficent and merciful. Umrahexpert Competitive Ramadan Umrah UK providers for family Umrahexpert Competitive Ramadan Umrah UK providers for family They are indeed the blessed and most tested people in the world. They are the most important characters in our lives. As the whole messages of the unity of Allah Almighty has been delivered through these messengers and the Prophets.

As if you see the importance of a teacher in a school that is very necessary to make yourself aware with the functions of life. And without a teacher you cannot be a perfect man. And you cannot ignore the role of a teacher from your life as there is no one in the life that wants to improve you more than him but a teacher and the parents are one of those who wants their children to become more than a successful person in their lives. This is the part of the faith that we must love the Prophets and their teachings are the true guidelines for the life and real matters of life. it is the essential part of the faith to love the prophets and their teachings and make a frim believe on them. you can also make religious trips through the best Umrahexpert Competitive Ramadan Umrah UK providers for family Umrahexpert Competitive Ramadan Umrah UK providers for family. No doubt this is the Sunnah of Ibrahim A.S for which thousands and the thousands of Muslims make visit to the Holy Haram and make their sacred religious obligations. The part of your faith is eclipsed with love with the Prophets of Allah Almighty who is very kind and beneficent.

The Prophet make preach by His own words, He just spread the word of Allah Almighty as He received, He always speak the truth that defines the Unity of Allah Almighty. And therefore, we should always follow the paths of the Prophets as we want to make ourselves successful and the success lies only the path in which the Prophet of Allah Almighty who is very kind and beneficent call you to follow. Umrahexpert Competitive Ramadan Umrah UK providers for family Umrahexpert Competitive Ramadan Umrah UK providers for family The love for the Prophet in your heart is the key for your success as if you love something then indeed you will follow Him in your life as your role model and when you will follow the footsteps of the Holly Prophet then surely you will be among the blessed ones.

Amazing Facts about Jinn


Amazing Facts about Jinn

Jinns have been mentioned in the Quran several times. According to the Ayaat of Quran, man is made from clay and water but the Jinns are made from fire. All these Ayaat cannot be denied in any case, not because Muslims blindly follow it, but because they have been scientifically proven by facts as well. According to the famous translator of Quran Yousaf Ali, Quran says in note 929 that Jinn is simply a spirit or a secret force which can’t be seen. In the renowned book Arabian Nights, it has been mentioned that Jinns can take different forms and can come in front of us in these different forms in such a way that we might not be able to recognize them.

Also, it has been mentioned in Quran that Jinns are created from smoke. These Jinns live in their own secret hidden world and don’t usually interact with humans unless their territory has been disturbed by these humans. Just like humans have good and bad individuals among them, same is the case with Jinns as well. There are both good and bad type of Jinns. Some Jinns are so pious that they help human beings in the best way possible. On the other hand, some Jinns irritate human beings and give them harm as well.

One of my friend told me an incident of her encounter with a Jinn. Once she went to a place near her grandmother’s house which was kind of abandoned. Nobody was present there. Then suddenly she saw a kind of white spirit who was in the state of Sajda i.e. bowing down in Namaz. She thought that maybe a person is praying Namaz. She went near to that old person who looked very pious to her. That old man politely talked to my friend. Then he asked her what her utmost desire is. She told that old man that she had always been dreaming to perform Hajj at least once in her life. That old man smiled and said that you will perform it soon. Later, when my friend came home her grandmother warned her to not go to that place again because people see mysterious things going on at that place. After a few days, my friend got a surprise from her father that he had booked the amazing Non Shifting Hajj Package with tickets 2017 for the whole family and they are finally travelling to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. This whole incident was quite shocking for her because her father never said anything about performing Hajj to their family and this sudden change was quite surprising. She instantly thought about that old man who asked her wish and that made her belief in the Jinns stronger.

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The Night of Decree

Allah (SWT) loves His creation more than anything else. There is no estimate for the love of a mother for his childe but the Allah (SWT) loves His creation more than the love of seventy mothers. Just for this status of men you can estimate the gratitude of love of Allah (SWT) for His creation. Allah (SWT) is the creator, sustainer, cherisher and nourisher of everything. Muslims has strong believed that Allah (SWT) is so much kind and merciful and there is nothing like Him. He is so powerful and can make thousands and billions of the world for just with a single word “Kun”.

Allah (SWT) created the man with a clot of blood then landed it to earth and provided with the basics of life as well as those thing that can go beyond the expectations of Human beings. Allah (SWT) knew everything that what will happen to the beginning of this creation till the end of this world. therefore, He arranged lots of sources for the wellbeing and the success of human beings to gain the high ranks in Jannah.

A person spent half of his life in evil and he is just out the circle of Islam, yet after that if he has mind to cover his deeds and then want to return towards the Allah (SWT), still Allah always gives him chances for repent. Laila tul Qadar is one of those nights that has the bundles of rewards for the human beings. This is one of the blessed nights for the wellbeing of the Muslims and one of the biggest gift from Allah (SWT). As it equipped with reward of 1000 blessing months with it. Like if you make one prayer in this blessed night then you will be reward the prayers of 1000 months. No matter whatever the deed you did this night it will count as the deed for 83 years. Just think about the prayers of that are being offered in Makkah. No one realizes the reward of those prayers especially when you are in Blessed haram. For your religious obligations we are offering the best Umrah Packages for Family from London, England. So that it would be a great chance to earn and reward for yourself and repent of your lifetime sins.

Noble deeds Can make way to Heavens

Some things are uncertain in this world with respect to time, just like death. Some questions are unanswerable and some are just confusing. It entirely depends upon your mind how you make set up to get the things in your mind. In this world every human always makes the struggle for living for the betterment of his life and children. But no one will consider this fact to take into account that we have to leave this sphere ball one day, and the entire system will vanish from this universe.

There is no doubt in the day of Qyamat or the day of resurrection. Because it has clearly mentioned in the verses of Quran and the lines of Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that the all circle of this world and what is on it, whether they are mountains, beauty, glamor, minerals, rivers, birds Everything will vanish from the phase of this universe just like cotton grains. It is the translation of the verses of the Quran that the sky will be burst and the mountains will be shutter down and they will fly in the air just like the grains of cotton. Just think for a moment what will be the scene of that catastrophe? If you can feel it then obviously for a moment earth will be slipped under your feet, there will be no place to go.

Everything in this universe is going to its end if you agree or not but every grain of this world is traveling for its destruction. This message had been delivered to us thousands of years and Quran also authenticate this we should be preparing ourselves for the last day in which we will be asked about our deeds and every action. We have complete code of information and we have all the things that is necessary to have great training for yourself with respect to a religion! Yes, I am talking about Islam. It has just straight concept that If you have noble deeds then you will be among the blessed ones. and for your noble deeds we are providing the best Umrah Packages for Muslims Community from Leeds, England. To avail our services and to offer your religious obligations lets walk with us to make noble deeds for your self will not enough for you in this world but also will provide you eternal life in Heavens.

Interesting Cultural Difference in Saudi Arab and England

ramadan umrah package

When you ask an anthropologist to explain the cultural differences of West and East, he would tell you a detailed list of things which show the vast differences among the individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Especially if you looking for the differences among the cultures of Saudi Arabia and England, you will find such a huge diversity in these countries. Each year, numerous travelers visit these countries and enjoy the beautiful tourist spots which are famous in the whole world.

Saudi Arab is located in Middle East and the people living in it follows the religion Islam strictly. It has many Holy places which represent the symbolic importance of the Islamic past. Many travelers visit Saudi Arab each year by availing different packages like Ramadan Umrah Package 2017 from London or other, and have the most holy and sacred experience when they visit the amazing monuments of Islam. The famous places of Saudi Arab include the Holy Kaaba, Masjid Al Nabwi, famous caves like Cave Thor, Cave Hira, historical museums and many more. On the other hand, England has its own beautiful and historical buildings which are totally incomparable with anything else in the world. Famous places of England include Tower of London, Stonehenge, Hyde Park and many more.

Since there are majority of Christians in England, so their most important festival is Christmas whereas the Muslims in Saudi Arab celebrate Eid with full rejoice. During the festival of Eid, Muslims wake up early in the morning to offer prayers. They wear new and clean clothes and embrace each other with hug and love after offering their prayers. After morning prayer of ‘Eid, there is usually a long list of guests which are greeted warmly. Delicious cuisine is being served to everyone which multiplies the happiness of this holy festival. When we talk about Christmas, it is in full blown stage during night. People lighten up their houses and cities and cherish the moments with their loved ones. Mouthwatering food is being cooked in each house which spreads the aroma to all the places. Since Christmas is always in winter, so fun activities like making snowman or decorating the trees is done with full joy.

The main language which is being spoken in England is English. Although there are people from many different states which are residing in England, but for communication purposes they have to speak in English. The main language in Saudi Arab is Arabic, but people are aware of English so they can communicate with the travelers which are coming from different countries. The accent of both English and Arabic is totally different which makes these languages uniquely different and beautiful in their own way.

The Virtues of Umrah and Hajj

The Virtues of Umrah and Hajj

Complete the Hajj and Umrah according to the directions of Allah…  (Al Baqarah)

Nabi has expressed in a hadith: ‘The execution of Hajj and Umrah build an individual’s life compass and kills destitution and sins generally as rust is expelled from the iron when put in the heater.’ For this exceptionally same reason Imam A Nawawi has composed that if Allah awards the capacity and direction to a believer of His, it is Mustahab (favored) to perform the Umrah oftentimes.

Hazrat Amar Ibn Abassa relates: ‘Rasul Allah expressed that the best of deeds is the execution of Hajj or Umrah.’ It is additionally related in a hadith: ‘Umrah is the lesser Hajj.’

Abu Hurairah relates that Rasul Allah expressed: ‘One Umrah is appeasement for the wrongdoings submitted in the middle of that and the past Umrah’

Implying that the execution of one Umrah is the method for excusing the wrongdoings and deficiencies that may have been submitted by a person between that Umrah and the past one.

Allah has decided for his hirelings the way that Hajj must be performed at its predetermined time, in the specific days of the month of Hajj. It is impractical for one to perform the ceremonies of Hajj outside this time in any competent, form or arrangement. However,  Allah has favored His slaves with the way that, other than the five days of the Hajj, there is no confinement on the execution of Umrah all along the year.

It is described from Abu Hurairah Rasul Allah expressed: ‘The entertainers of Hajj and Umrah are visitors of Allah, when they look for something from Him, He will concede them, when they look for absolution He will pardon them.’

Although the Umrah has immense rewards for those undertaking it, yet, the Umrah cannot replace the importance of the Hajj, which is obligatory over the believers. Best Hajj Services For Muslims Community London, England are the best solution for those Muslims, who is suffering shortcomings of the funds.

In another hadith it is connected: ‘The entertainers of Hajj & Umrah are the unique visitors of Allah, whatever they request they are allowed and what they appeal to the Almighty, for it is conceded to them and what they spend on them are remunerated for it. They are allowed a reward of million times more than what they have spent.’ It is for this very reason that every capable Muslim tries to spare time and take their families to the favored House of Allah and perform Umrah, stay in the favored region of the Haramain Sharif and make it a method for connecting themselves to the Allah and his beloved Prophet, which is the establishment of our Deen.

It is with these excursions that one’s consideration is coordinated towards the Qiyamah and kids are given the inspiration to do great deeds and endeavor to enhance their comprehension of Deen. It is, however, terrible that in this day and age, because of not being conscious of the endowments of such activities as Umrah, we want to take our families to the ocean side where there is nudity and boldness. The survey of which uproots Hayah from our wives, kids and friends and family.