Who Will be Under the Shade of Allah on the Resurrection Day?

Resurrection DayAs we all that know, this life is temporary and one-day will be destroyed. Allah is the One Who shaped this universe and on His decision, this worldly life will be demolished. Like Islam, other religions also follow the thought of reward and punishment. On that day, there will be no more chance to remove your past, as we had given in the worldly life. The best chance is to perform Hajj and Umrah on Ramadan Umrah with 4 Star Hotel Package to remove your past evils.

The Day of Judgment where no one will care others and all will be responsible for their actions and deeds. The various Hadiths shows the hardness of that day, but who selected the right path of Allah and followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Quran, they will be easily cross the hurdles and enjoy the Jannah and his amenities. Let us see who will be under the shade of Allah on the resurrection day,

• Young Member of Congregation
• Relations for the Sake of Allah
• A Fair Leader
• A Virtuous Man
• Flaking Tears in Lonely
• Giving Secreted Charity
• Who is Attracted to Masjid

A Fair Leader

Who leaders and leads the people, for them, it’s a big responsibility. The society can’t survive without justice and a true leader. The equality, fairness, and justice are the main factor to develop the society. Allah’s Prophet (PBUH) said that,

“Allah doesn’t exalt a people between whom a frail man is not given his right.” (Tirmidhi)

Young Member of Congregation

The person who offered the prayers on-time in his or her life and performed the good deeds. These people will be the shade of the Allah and easily pass the test. According to Hadith,

“Allah will prepare for him who goes to the Masjid (each) morning and in the afternoon a moral place in Jannah with good warmth for (what he has completed) every morning and afternoon goings.” (Bukhari)

A Virtuous Man

The person who chosen the righteous path and avoided the wrongdoings that person will be in the protection Allah. Allah Says in the Quran e Pak,

“And come not close to the infidelity. Verily, it is a disgraceful (action) and a sinful way (that leads one to Jahannam).” (Quran 17:32)

So, must perform the good deeds to get the reward on the Final Day. May Allah protect us from evil eye and magic.


Who the Universe came into being is it a spontaneous process or Allah is the creator?

Allah is the creator

As we all are humans we all have an ability to think and do. We have a brain who have an ability to think and the depth of thinking is even more than that of the sea. When we look at the universe it is so much beautiful. It is very much synchronized and the beautiful number of plants, wildlife, and all the things are interconnected with each other. Every single thing is interconnected to one another.

The question arises in tour mind that who the universe came into being is it a spontaneous process or Allah is the creator? Well, let me tell you something! Today I came to throw some light on this issue. Let me tell you a thing. Everything in the universe has a creator. The building tells us it is made by an engineer. The watch tells us that it has been made up by a watchman. Likewise, this universe is so much beauty there is also a creator of it and he is Allah Almighty.

It is still a question by the scientist that who this great universe came into being! So let me take you to the Quran in which Allah Almighty disclose its creation millions, billions of centuries before. Which a scientist discover now.

As Allah says in Quran as follow,

“The heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit before we clove them asunder”

And in another place, Allah says as follow,

“Turned to the and it had been smoking. He said to it and to the earth come together, willingly or unwilling they said we in willing obedience.”

And about the creation of Animals, Allah says as follow,

“Allah has created the animals from the water. Some of the lay eggs some walk on two legs, some walk on four legs some creep on their bodies. Allah created what he pleased he has the power over all.”

And about the creation of Human Allah says as follow,

“I have created you from one man and one woman. You all are equal in the sight of Allah.”

On another place, Allah says as follow,

“Read in the name of Allah who created you from Clay and collide of blood.”

And in another place, he says as follow,
“I have created Adam with the clay of alternative black mud. And blow my soul into him.”

Allah is the creator of the Universe and everything in the Universe gives us the message that he is the creator or Master of the Universe.

As Allah says in Quran,

“Changing of days into night and night into day. Creation of mountains, the creation of animals, rain all are the signs for men to understand.”

Allah is the creator of the Universe. Everything has a creator nothing can come into being on its own. Allah has blessed us with many things we must thank him and pray to him and perform the sacred duties like Jihad, Umrah, and Hajj. We must go for Hajj and Umrah and thanks, Allah in his own house, be his guest and enjoy many blessings of him Now Umrah Package online booking 2018 is easy to get and cheaper.

Why were all the Prophets men?

Why were all the Prophets men

Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. It is the most common question asked by the Muslims that why all the Prophets was men? Why Allah don’t sent women as a prophet? Or why Allah didn’t send angels as a prophet?

Well, it is the thing to be noticed! No doubt all the Prophets from Hazrat Adam to Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) all are men. So today I came with an Answer after doing a research on it! So today I am going to throw some light on this.

Why Angels Were Not Sent Down As A Prophet:

Well, there is a reason why angels were not sent down as a prophet. Because there is a huge difference between a man and angels. So for the correction of men. Men are to be sent which is free from sins and such that he may become a role model for all and his actions motivate people to adopt such qualities.

As Allah says in Quran,

“We have not sent down you the angels as a prophet but from men among you so that you may become righteous.”

This verse makes us clear that why Allah doesn’t send angels as a messenger to mankind.

Why Women Were Not Sent Down As A Prophet:

Allah sent down many prophets to the different people in the world. Some of them are mentioned in the Quran but there is no any women name in Quran as women. Allah didn’t send the women as the messenger because she is not that much stronger, and don’t have much wisdom. But Allah makes women beautiful and give her a huge respect. That’s why Allah didn’t send any women as a messenger of Allah. There are some verses that all the prophets were men.

As Allah says in Quran,

“We have not sent you before but all were men whom we did inspire.”

This was the reason why Allah doesn’t send any women as a Prophet.

Many prophets come some of them were successful in their missions and some were not. But the master of Prophet was Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). So it is the interest of Muslims to visit the house of Allah during Hajj and Umrah. Now Online Umrah visa is of lesser price. This enables Muslims to go for Umrah and Hajj. And enjoy the blessings of the place of Allah.

Is the Booking Open for Umrah Packages 2018?

Umrah Packages 2018

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Types of Jihad

Types of JihadLikewise Namaz, Fasting, Hajj, Umrah there is another type of Prayer to Allah Almighty and that is Jihad. It is most favorite and liked Prayer by Allah Almighty. Jihad is the most important element of the religion Islam. No Muslim can say himself a true believer unless he has a passion and enthusiasm to perform this sacred duty.

The concept of Jihad:

Many people have a wrong concept of the Jihad. What the people actually think is that Jihad is only to fight in the name of Allah. But in actual it a part, not the whole. It just a type of Jihad. Jihad is actually a testation for a believer. The testation of his believes, love and spirit of Islam.

Importance of Jihad:

Jihad has very much importance in the Islam a person can’t be a true believer unless or until he doesn’t have a spirit to perform such a sacred duty.

As Allah says in Quran as follow,
“A true believer is only those who believe in the Allah and his messenger and no doubt strive with their lives and wealth in the name of Allah.”

Types of Jihad:

There are several types of Jihad as follow:

Jihad with Nafs:

It is the most difficult Jihad. It is a state within a person himself. In this jihad, a person has to jihad with his Nafs. Which is no doubt the most difficult. Jihad with Nafs means to refrain from every kind of committing sins. Neglect the desires of ones and leave them in the name of Allah. This type of Jihad is called as Jihad-bin-Nafs.

Jihad Through wealth:

Jihad through wealth means to do jihad by using the wealth. It is really difficult for a person to give a vast amount of his wealth to someone. Well, Jihad through wealth means to spend your wealth in the name of Allah and for the betterment of others. Help poor and needy.

Jihad through sword:

Jihad through sword means go to the battlefield and fight the enemies of Islam this Jihad has the highest rank in the sight of Allah Almighty.

As Allah says in Quran,

Fight with those who fight you. Fight in the name of Allah, and do not transgress limit, Allah doesn’t love who transgress

This is the most favorite Jihad of Allah.

At the time of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) jihad by was done by many Muslims several times. Even Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) himself took part in the battle and in the battle of Uhud, his two teeth were martyred. It is the great interest of the Muslims to visit the battlefields every Muslim fought like lions, got martyred and Angels helped them. So they do Ziyarah while performing Umrah. Now perform Umrah is much easier because travel agencies now started offering Free Umrah visa for Muslims and enable them to head towards their dream.

Best Habits to Become a Successful Muslims

Best Habits to Become a Successful Muslimsthey want. But, in the Muslims communities, achieving the piety and righteousness is the real success. They don’t follow the wealth and worldly life because they know the one-day world will be destroyed. Their good deeds help them on the Day of Judgement.
The Muslims do good actions to get the attention of Allah. But, it is possible in that case, when we will choose the path of righteous and develop the solid connection with Allah. And this is a time when someone achieves the success. Now, let us see the habits which make the Muslims successful,

• Attention
• Regularity
• Reliability
• Honesty
• Diligence
• Self-control


In the religious matters, we show the punctuality such as offer the prayers on time and regularly. Not even in just religious matters, also in the worldly matters. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was questioned,

“Which action is the dearest to Allah? He responded, to offer the prayers at their primary specified fixed times.” (Bukhari)


Everything you are performing for the religious and worldly purpose must focus on it to achieve the highest level. When they focus on it they get the attention of Allah and remember the Allah. According to the Holy Quran,
“The Believers must (ultimately) win over, those who modest themselves in their prayers.” (Quran 23:1-2)
As you know the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was famous in that era for His honest and trustworthiness. Therefore, the honesty is the main factor for the Muslim’s success in the life. Show their true side to others and win their confidence. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that,

“I convey to you the messages of my Allah, and I’m to you an honest counselor.” (Quran 7:68)

So, there are much more habits which Muslims should consider that and follow them to achieve the success in the worldly life as well as eternal life. Allah gives the different gifts to the Muslims to get the sanctifications of Him such as Salah, Zakat, Hajj etc. As you know that Hajj is the best way to remove the past evils and must perform Hajj and Umrah with Family December Umrah Tour Packages.
sanctifications of Him such as Salah, Zakat, Hajj etc. As you know that Hajj is the best way to remove the past evils and must perform Hajj and Umrah with Family Umrah Tour Packages 2018.



Jannat-ul-Mualla is an Arabic word whereas the word Jannat means Garden and the word MUALLA means exalt (high in rank, dignity, and position). Other names of Jannat-ul-Mulla are “Garden of Mualla”, “Al-Hajun” and Cemetery of Mualla. It is actually a graveyard Holy graveyard would be a more appropriate word for it. Here are many people which are associated with Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) are buried here, his wife, grandfather, ancestors and many other great masters, teachers are also buried. It is located to the north of the masjid-al-haram, and the near to mosque Jin in mecca. This holy graveyard is the time of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), there are many famous personalities are buried there as listed below

• Abu Talib ibn Abdul-Muttalib (uncle of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H))
• Abd Manaf (great-great-grandfather of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H))
• Abdul Muttallib (grandfather of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H))
• Abu Turab Al-Zahiri (20-century Muslim cleric)
• Muhammad Alawi Al_Maliki (20-century Sunni Muslim cleric)

This place was at great risk because people of Whabisim said it is bad to worship them, they disrespect the royal family and many big personalities there and destroyed it, that was almost demolished in 1925, then this was rebuilt by Saudi king,

The question is why we do the Ziyarat of this place? Let me Answer YOU! That place reminds us of death, and then we get the sense that everything in the universe will come to end one day everything is mortal, we must do righteous so that we can get save from the fire of hell and make our world as well as hereafter, by asking people who had visited there they told me that

“There was a great fragrance there like it was of heavens”

These places have a flat surface area and stones are placed on it which symbolize the one buried under it, if you want to see and explore this place and more detail and feel the sense and fragrances of this place then many Umrah agencies offer some special offers at minimum rate and the facilities of Ziyarats, Umrah Packages 2018 from Liverpool.

It gives the great feelings even you get to know about the life of the them, it imparts you with knowledge and renew our Emman and you practice their teaching and yourself better than before and you find yourself closer to Allah then before.